Whoops... This 'regular' blog has tailed off a little of late. But rest assured, that is for good reason. We haven't given up. Quite the opposite in fact.

So what has happened in this last two months? Well we have been busy getting a lot of the back-of-house stuff organised. From becoming a limited company at the start of April, we have also had to organise things like registering for tax, setting up bank accounts, getting business cards, setting up mobile phones and IT systems.

Crucially though, we have also been busy nabbing our first author! It's not signed on the dotted line yet, so I can't reveal too much - but everything is provisionally agreed. Our author has had considerable success self publishing his police procedural eBooks series, and we will be working with him to take on the print rights to the first of these, as well as selling the eBooks of all of his books through our own website. We are sure you will love his work, and hope to be able to make a proper announcement soon!
Alongside getting our first author on board, we have had to learn the art of the publishing contract and negotiate a great deal for both of us. Also, as we are now nearly ready to go, we are busy updating and finalising our business plan so that we can make the most of the support available from organisations such as Business Gateway and Youth Business Scotland (formerly Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust) to help the business progress as successfully as possible.

We are hoping to get back into regular blogging again soon, and will be working on getting a final website in place ready for our first book, which we are hoping to be able to publish by around Autumn this year! If all goes according to plan, we should be able to make pre-orders available shortly after we have the contract signed.

So kick back, relax, and 'enjoy the ride' - as we bring our books to you in a unique way. We are extremely excited, and hope you are too!
So it begins. This means our project is now real. It is happening. So we had best get on.

Welcome to ReBind. And more specifically, welcome to the ReBind blog. This is where we hope to share many discussions with you about publishing, great books, and generally anything that we find interesting. Along the way, we want you to learn a little about us, and get excited about our project.

‘What exactly is ReBind’, I hear you ask? Well, ReBind is a new independent fiction publisher. Currently in our early stages of development, we want to approach book publishing from a slightly different angle to many of our competitors. For a start, we want to involve you in the process, we want to build an active community of readers, we want them to connect with authors, and we want to make beautifully written (and made) books that we can all enjoy, how we want, when we want.

Primarily a digital publisher, we will publish our eBooks in many formats for your eReader, be it a Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad, tablet, phone… And the best part is all these eBooks will be DRM-free (if you aren’t sure what DRM is, we’ll probably rant about it a lot on this blog). Essentially this means that we won’t restrict how you read your book. So long as you have a device compatible with the file you have bought, we’re happy for you to transfer it between devices and read it how you wish.

In addition to all our eBooks being DRM-free, if you buy them direct from us, you will be buying the book in all formats, and you can download them again from your account should you ever need to. This also means if you change from (for example) a Kindle to a Kobo, you don’t have to buy the book again to be able to read it in the new format. We want you to have true ownership over your books.

But we have another side too. We also want to produce brilliant quality hardback books too. Initially, these will be limited edition, signed and numbered by the author, and all come with the free eBook in all formats. You can switch between the hardback and eBook as often as you like, you get the convenience of an eBook and the ability to indulge your love of physical books, without having to buy it all twice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to truly own the book you have paid good money for? Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the book develop? Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of community of like-minded readers passionate about our books?

Join us on our journey to ReBind the book:

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